Mobile Car Wash, Raleigh, NC

Have the car wash come to you at your convenience with our mobile car washes.

It’s that time again! Whether a bird decided to relieve itself on your windshield or you hit a few muddy potholes on your way around town, it seems like you are always on your way to the car wash! Car washes are great for keeping your car clean and preventing scratches and rust, but they can be very time-consuming if you’re constantly going after work or on the weekends. Here at Prime Time Mobile Detailing, we take the trouble out of this scenario by making one small change– instead of you going to the car wash, we bring the car wash to you with our mobile car wash service!

Mobile Car Wash in Raleigh, North Carolina

When you contact us at Prime Time Mobile Detailing for mobile car wash services, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along! Instead of waiting in long lines and spending hours with large hoses trying to vacuum out that last bit of gunk from under the seat, we come to you and take care of it for you. You are free to work inside, pay bills, answer e-mails or complete whatever tasks are on your to-do list while we take care of your car. You simply can’t beat the kind of convenience that you get with a mobile car wash!

Not only do we do mobile car washes, but we can also take care of other services that you need for your car, such as auto detailing, ceramic coatings, oil changes, etc. We know you’ll love our mobile car wash service, so give us a call today and start enjoying a consistently clean car and shorter to-do list.