Ceramic Coating 101

Whether you a car guru or someone who simply enjoys the shiny things in life, you may already be familiar with ceramic coating and the benefits of applying it to your car(s). In case you don’t already know, ceramic coating provides an unrivaled level of protection to the body of your vehicle that prevents damage over time. Here are the biggest benefits of using ceramic coating on all of your vehicles:

  • Extend the Life of Your Paint– Dirt, mud, water spots, accidental scratches, dings, bugs . . . these are all a part of everyday driving. However, that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to ruin the paint on your car! A ceramic coating encases the body of your vehicle in a strong, protective coating meant to withstand the daily elements and not show the effects of the road. The coating lasts for years, helping to extend the life of your paint.

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  • No More Waxing– Spending hours waxing the car to make it shine is the old-school version of a ceramic coating. The biggest difference between the two is that wax wears off, meaning it needs to be reapplied several times per year. Waxing also doesn’t provide as much protection as a ceramic coating. While it may be costlier up front, it pays for itself over time.
  • Better Protection & Enhanced Appearance– At Prime Time Mobile Detailing, we understand that car enthusiasts are faced with many decisions about how to either better protect their car or enhance its appearance. Fortunately, with our car ceramic coating, you can do both! Whether you choose this service to keep your car shiny for years to come or simply to know that it is protected from the elements, it is a good choice for your vehicle.

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