Fleet Detailing, Raleigh, NC

Your fleet deserves the attention to detail we perform during fleet detailing.

If a fleet of vehicles represents a sizeable investment for your Raleigh, North Carolina company, you likely need a plan in place to keep them in top condition. You not only want them to last as long as possible and retain their value, you also want your employees to be happy driving them and present a positive image for your customers. The logistics of keeping up with fleet detailing in-house can be overwhelming and could result in downtime that affects your bottom line. The solution is contacting us at Prime Time Mobile Detailing to learn about mobile fleet detailing.

Fleet Detailing in Raleigh, North Carolina

Our fleet detailing services reduce the downtime spent traveling to and from a car wash with your vehicles. You’ll also save on labor costs as your staff can go about other duties while we are taking care of detailing the vehicles. You will also know that your vehicles are thoroughly cleaned inside and out by a technician who has had more than 100 hours of professional training. Staff at car washes rarely have much experience at all, much less professional training.

We are confident that when you see the results of our thorough fleet detailing services, you will be more than pleased and so will your staff and customers. A few of the included services are cleaning the windows inside and out, clean rims and shine tires, clean exhaust tips, full vehicle scratch and swirl removal, engine detail, headliner cleaning, interior and trunk vacuum, high-quality cream wax, and stain treatment. If desired, we can also use a ceramic coating that provides added protection. Call today to learn more about our fleet detailing services.